3 Explosive Ways to Increase Your Sales Effectively Marketing Your Business On Facebook!!


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3 Explosive Ways to Increase Your Sales Effectively Marketing your Business on Facebook!

Totally rocked this morning with my good buddy and marketing guru! Andy Medlam

If you have a biz and want take it to a whole new level this is ya man…

Guy knows his stuff, much appreciating your time Andy

Ian Darley
Ian Darley BU Limitless

A massive thank you to Andy Medlam today for talking me through options to increase sales and generate regular monthly income.

So easy to talk to and full of great ideas I will be implementing straight away.

Thank you Andy!

Gina Battye
Gina Battye Health By Gina

Coaching programs that teach you to position yourself as the EXPERT,  drive QUALITY traffic & convert leads into SALES…

Andrew Medlam Online Accelerator.com

Start Using Facebook To Increase Your Sales!

Where You Might Be RIGHT Now

Understanding where you are means you can move forward to achieve your full potential…

  • 1 - You're Going Online Blind

    You understand the FULL potential of success your business could have marketing online, you also see your competitors crushing it, however it’s not working for you.

    This could be because you don’t have the right strategy in place or even a strategy at all. So each day you go online blind trying to make sales, trying to increase your business however you just end up becoming more frustrated and wasting more time?

  • 2 - Are You In A Price War With Your Competitors?

    Do you find that your clients are always telling you that you’re too expensive? Are you always having to reduce your fee’s to win business, which de-values your product/services, takes money out of your revenue, & puts you in a pricing war with your competitors?

    If this is you… Who’s in control of your business, YOU or your CLIENTS? -

    …Well the answer should be you!!

  • 3 - Are You Finding It Hard To 'Cut Through The Clutter'

    We are now living in a very noisy world. People are seeing adverts everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google, Pop up Banners, on TV, Radio, Magazines, Inside Apps, Email, Newspapers, Posters, Direct Mail, Bill Boards!

    They’re everywhere and people are tired of been ‘SOLD TOO’

    So you might be finding it hard to build an audience of people that truly want ‘What you have to offer, that want to hang around you online, that want to receive your emails, & buy your products/services.

  • 4 - Converting Online Conversation Into Sales & Revenue

    Do you have an online audience however you’re finding it hard to be able to convert your followers into sales to drive your companies revenue? & when you do you scare them away because you come across far too salesy or even needy?

  • 5 - Have You Heard That The Fortunes In Your List?

    Then you’ve heard right, & I’m here to tell you that it is.

    So is your problem that you don’t have a list? Where do you start? How do you build one? What is a list? How do you drive traffic into your list? How do you monitise your list without being too needy or pushy? What tools should you use? How do you get people to subscribe to your emails? What should you have has a Lead Magnet? How can you make your list automated? What’s a ‘One click up-sell’?

Creating Your Strategy For Success… 

Seeing a clear visual outline of your strategy helps you to totally get clarity on your ‘moves’.

Having a step by step mind-map breaks down from what seems like a BIG mountain to climb, to easy manageable steps!

- Andrew Medlam,

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Just A Few Powerful Trainings We Provide at Online Accelerator

Online Marketing Strategies/Trainings That Are Working Right Now!!

1 – Building Your Social Media Strategy

Understanding WHO your target audience is, WHERE they ‘hangout’ online, WHAT are they saying & WHO are they saying it to is critical in creating your social media marketing strategy.

We take you through a 10x10x4 formula that will help you create months of fresh authentic content that will help you add value to your market place.

2 - Monetise Your Business/Skills That Will Uplevel Your ROI

If you’re just selling 1 or maybe 2 products into your market place there’s a chance you could be leaving money on the table. Simply by being creative in your thinking you could easily increase your business revenue without doing much more work!

3 – Facebook Marketing Strategy To Build Your Audience

Facebook is an under-estimated tool. It has over 1.20 billion world-wide users & 50% of those activate their Facebook account everyday.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author, Speaker and you don’t have a FB Marketing strategy then you’re missing out!

4 – How To Generate High Quality Leads Everyday

Leads are what MOST entrepreneurs & business owners struggle to generate. Imagine if you could, not only generate leads but generate high quality leads from prospects that are interested in your services or products.

How would that make your business look and feel?

We could also share with you an online sales strategy that converts your leads into clients without the need of learning sleazy sales tactics!


5 - Creating An Automated System That Builds Your Business

If you could automate a large % of your business from Lead Generation, to Follow-ups, to Providing Value, To Positioning Yourself, to Getting your prospects wanting to speak with you.

Would that give you the opportunity to do what you first set out to do, which could have been to ‘help people’ to ‘provide a service’ and NOT to get too bogged down in doing the ‘stuff’ you don’t like?

Andy’s Online Story

10 years as a full time musician into business development wasn’t the smoothest transition I ever made but I made it a success. Then fortune came my way when I got made redundant and I decided to take the Entrepreneurial road to producing my own future.

I decided to take my chances at becoming an online marketer. After much investment in myself, buying online products, attending seminars, webinars, & in lots of cases ‘failing forwards’ I finally understand what it takes to produce RESULTS!!   

- Andrew Medlam - OnlineAccelerator.com,

Prior to working with Andy, our design agency ran our Facebook advertising and while they were doing a good job on some elements, we felt a very long way removed from understanding what they were doing and why.

We’ve already had some astounding successes; a Christmas party night that we designed and ran an ad for has generated an unprecedented level of positive comments, shares and likes online and we have virtually sold out in July! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy’s training days to any marketeer, business owner or agency.

Kate Mckee Marketing Executive - Beverley Racecourse

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3 Explosive Ways To Increase Your Sales Effectively Marketing Your Business On Facebook!!

What’s Your Story? 

From past experience in the field training entrepreneurs, business coaches & consultants 97% of them don’t have a sure-fire strategy that produces RESULTS that will enable them to grow their business online.

Yet each and every day they spend their time wasted doing the wrong things… Don’t take that class!!

- Andrew Medlam,

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Do I have to market my business online

    A.You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. At the end of the day, it’s your business & you should do what ‘fits’ best with you however, the way of the world is changing at a fast rate, the way that consumers are buying products, interacting with brands and companies is evolving and I’m sure you don’t want to get left behind?

  • Q.Will people buy from me online?

    A.The best way to look at this is to ask yourself… “Are people buying my kind of product online, do I have competitors online that are doing well”? If you can answer YES to the above questions, then why wouldn’t they buy from you too?

  • Q.I don't think my audience is on Facebook?

    A.I get this ALL the time & I’m not too sure if it’s a statement or a question? However, curently on Facebook as I write this post their’s over 1.20 billion people on Facebook and 50% of those people activate their account each and everyday. Over 33 million people in the UK. Before saying NO to the best targeted marketing platform on the internet today… Do your due diligence and discover the power of this platform

  • Q.I've tried marketing on Facebook but it didn't work?

    A.Facebook is the 2nd biggest platform on the internet today with Google being 1st. I get this statement lots but then when I look at how they’ve been marketing then I understand WHY it didn’t work. You’ve got to understand there’s a science behind selling online… There’s a formula to attracting your audience, There’s different strategies that would work best for you and your business

  • Q.Will people buy High Ticket Services on Facebook?

    A.YES!!!! :-)

  • Q.I'm NOT an expert in my niche, can I start to create authority online?

    A.Again… YES!!

    It’s ALL about having the right strategy that’s going to enable you to be in that authority position.

    Even though you currently don’t have any authority online within your niche you can start today!! It’s never too late but I would recommend you start NOW!!

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3 Explosive Ways To Increase Your Sales Effectively Marketing Your Business On Facebook!!